Watch some real production stories from this Digital Printing Company From LandaDigitalPrinting

This video is showing how this digital printing company, Mercury Print Productions is using their proprietary printing press to achieve a high quality printing results.

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hi my name is Felix madero I’m the
director of process development here at
Mercury print productions and we’re here
with the land of the world’s first s-pen
P and I want to show you a couple of
applications that we produced out here
so these are saddle stitch books they’re
big books I want to say they’re probably
15 by 30 we printed on a 28 by 40 size
sheet one up the covers are coated on
the outside but they are two sided
printed these are our jobs that
previously we were unable to produce
here at mercury because we just didn’t
have a digital press that could print
the size of the sheet one of the things
that this press does that we don’t get
on our other digital side learn our
color side the color is amazing and the
color remains consistent from the first
sheet we print to the last sheet we
print there’s no degradation throughout
the run print one is good print n is
good and they both look the same and
they’re both consistent and it’s very
important for us especially in my and
myself as a process and the workflow guy
I need to make sure that we are being as
lean as possible I don’t have time for
excess waste and excess printing because
the machine is not holding color or not
holding quality this gives us the
opportunity to be very lean when we go
out onto the bindery floor and getting
these pieces put together