How to Make a Good Coffee

Brewing time determines how much of the coffee’s flavor compounds are extracted, serving as a balancing act between under-extraction (tasting sour or salty) and over-extraction (tasting bitter or astringent).

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Discovering the ideal brewing time can take practice. Aiming for three or four minutes may seem too quick; but remember that coffee should be prepared using hot water at an ideal temperature and within the proper ratio of ground beans to water.

Think of coffee like walking a tightrope: any too far in any one direction and you risk tipping over. Finding that sweet spot between too far one way and too far the other is where coffee harmony lies; here you’ll discover an array of flavors combining to produce exquisite coffee enjoyment; these may include tart acids, sweet sugars, vibrant aromatics and rich flavors, along with subtle bitter notes for depth in every sip. This sweet spot allows the coffee’s flavors to merge and taste delicious; making brewed coffee your beverage of choice!

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