I Wonder if I Can Get Fiber Where I Move to

I started thinking about that pretty quickly after I saw how cool it is. I think the guy I talked to said his internet was guaranteed to be around 45 megabytes per second. He did a speed test while I was there and downloaded this huge file in a fraction of a second. Of course most places have roughly half as much bandwidth if you have cable broadband. I guess they talk about how good it is here, http://saveoninternet.us/fiber-internet/ and a lot of other places on the net. This guy was watching stuff on his TV all of the time that he was streaming off of Netflix in high def and there was no problem at all with it. Of course I can stream Netflix okay some times, but it usually coughs and freezes up at some points. Some times you can not even stand it because it just does not work well enough.

Most places you have the same issues at the prime time for Internet use. Of course at some point all of the people in your area have all got home for the night, but they are still awake and doing things. Obviously a lot of them are using the internet just like you are. You sit at your couch at 8 PM and want to watch a movie off of Netflix. At the same time half of the people in your neighborhood are doing something which also uses a bunch of bandwidth. Your cable company is not in business to make sure that there is more than enough Internet for all of the people they sold it to. The only thing they care about is whether or not those people keep paying the bills every month. So they could build a better network and fix that if they wanted.

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