Getting Help with Cleaning is Giving Me a Break

Sometimes you just need a long break, and this feels like one of those times for me. My two oldest children moved back in this past year. One of them is married and has children, and they moved in as well. They also brought their pets. I felt like my house was in a shambles. I needed help, so I began searching for a house cleaner in Westchester County NY to help get my house in tip top shape again.

I actually love to clean my home. It is therapeutic to me. But I am getting older, and having so many messy people in my house for so long was simply tiring. I feel like it would take me an entire month to deep clean my home all by myself to get it back to the way it was before everyone moved in.

So, when I called a cleaning service to discuss what I was looking for, I made sure to tell them that I was hoping they might have a service where someone can come by to help scrub walls, baseboards or things that may not typically be done. I also made sure to explain that while that may be out of the norm, I did not need someone to pick up clothing, do laundry washing, clean dishes or any of the other things they may do.

The person I spoke with on the phone said that sounded just fine. If someone typically comes in to vacuum and dust during the week, they typically do not wash down walls. But because those other things were not needed, they would be happy to have someone come do what I do need help with. So far, two different employees have come out to help me. Just let me tell you how relieved I was to have the extra help! My place already feels so much more clean and stress-free.

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We Picked Our First Home out Together

I wanted to find a new place to live because I could simply afford something nicer than where I was living when I made this decision. I got my condo then when I was just a poor working man, but now I am on the executive team of a top five company. I did not have a lot of time to devote to finding a nicer condo, but it turned out that I didn’t need a lot of time. I was able to look at different developments on, which is a website that is devoted entirely to new condo developments in Singapore.

I was able to look at developments that I didn’t know existed, and that really opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me. Even though there were quite a few developments to look at on this site, it still did not take me very long to narrow it down to two developments. This is because of how much information is available about each development on this site. I was able to eliminate the ones that are just too far away without even looking at them.

For the ones that are close to me, I wanted only the ones where I would be able to raise a family. Now that I am getting my life in order, I knew that it was time to propose to my girlfriend. I wanted to live the rest of my life with her, and I wanted this to be our first home together. When I showed her the two I was looking at, I asked her which one she would prefer. That is when she knew that it was going to be ours and not just mine, and she chose the one that I was favoring as well. We were able to secure a three bedroom unit with a glorious view, and we are going to move in as soon as we are married in a few weeks.

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