Beardbrand has his first haircut in a barber shop since mths in Greeley

I am sure all of our hairs are pretty long and messy now unless you are a barber and knows how to cut your own hair. Lets get some entertainment in watching our bushy man in Beardbrand get his hair cut.

Get your hair cut in this barber shop greeley.


hey this is James and the dapper dan
barber shop in Ridgefield Connecticut
today we have Nick all right Nick we do
it all right so for the hair like bottle
thing here what I want from the side
okay and then from are we doing the same
thing with the beer there now I know
we’re gonna keep the beard long but kind
of like anything you got there like yeah
okay all right so for this I’ve got
someone to play with
I’m gonna use my magic clip I’m also
using the wall guides and I’m just gonna
kinda get some shape here which way are
you gonna rock it all forward correct
yeah forward and start commenting
direction of walk right and I might wind
up going a little bit shorter but I just
want to see what does this guy look like
how long’s it been that haircut five of
five months
I’m leaving this guideline right here
cuz I’m just gonna provide another thing
it doesn’t even happen I do get more
and I think that’s all right Charles I
want you to a video and then you can
talk to me oh and I’m just Google
clipper over comb just get the Harrises
because there’s so much bulb right down
on the sides his head and everything I’m
gonna start to do my outline now and
just see the hair start to take its own
shape before I start going off taking
money fabulous throw teeth out liner
right here but we just become brother
burglars I noticed one start to clean up
before yeah we do you like to do our
rounded backs here
we make the hair look a little bit nicer
on this we do a little bit of tampers
under my taper clipper over comb always
take my comb like this all those hairs
right there
you like it so see Jared listening to
this and he was like high school being
like I’m the man who’s after high school
blasting the subwoofers in the Hyundai
Accent and the cart of youth driving
high school games 98 Jeep Wrangler chili
pepper red so the passport that was when
you became a soccer dad or it’s Honda
Pilot thank you very much and it’s very
reliable car
I’m just gonna take it give myself and
start working with I’m gonna put it
right on the side he’s gonna be enough
for him to push up when needs to
now we’re going to start this chopping
this so because it’s wearing a
straightforward I’m gonna kick it to
each side and make sure from side
so so it’s our yeah see you higher
channel as you came all the way from
Manchester yeah
softer your frame video alright I did
some reason he’s gonna trust me with
already it feels amazing
the simple answer
and acrostic
know what I just said that excess weight
myself what’s good do you see tails is
the microscope
you have no part ready just dropping off
oh yeah
so I went there I can see I’m starting
to push it down you can see some of the
hair start to fall over and then go back
down without smiling
it’s always got a keeper you check
that’s not much like tickets texturizing
shoes start going into
whatever you want to do come on Paul
call me and I’ll let you know so you
want to show us our goodbye tends to get
we’re gonna choose some stuff here brand
stuff there you go
I took the beard we’re gonna bring the
same kind of something like that this
kind of shape all right she’s got kind
of nice like being the Viking finger
longer than us we’re gonna try to keep
that I do want to get all this stuff he
said right now
it was a sure
let’s see some guys would like a clipper
guard on and then it’s a beard like that
I prefer to do tree him that’s just the
way that I like to hang it
I like there they have like shuttles I
think ingest
magazine right
how’s Africa buster yeah he’ll straight
I can start seeing whether make my line
right now
I can
better quite good shape down here it
still looks a lot alike yeah oh yeah
just kind of cleaned up the bottom and
that’s Jared yeah back to the crappy
camera man yes hello
this is the first real-time client video
how do you feel to be part of that it’s
really don’t shaking it out okay so he’s
gonna hit it it’s a good thing to ask
your client if there’s not get spirit a
that I very simply didn’t touch his neck
he’s got some irritation now it yeah
okay I’m gonna try to tap this line is
just as possible we’re gonna complain
about the shaky camera again this again
I’m just gonna open up his pores
you get my blade ready Judah this comes
out shaking out of focus
James there’s something happening with
the two camera this amis in jail I’m
using bomb
morley stretching the skin
just happen that right
you know view their colors
this is the POV this is exactly what
James seems right now
looking good like this man
and yeah
I’m sorry to see there’s like a little
bit of a light spot right here but I
know where I brought the lineup before
so when I pick them up it’s a mirror I’m
going to check the line to see if I
maybe need to bring this down right now
now you take a look at his line in the
mirror right now so I can already tell
this part right here has to come down
over to match this you see the whiteness
right here so let’s try to match this
with this over here
do your own – I do yeah
Locksley reader-response many more
reason to do surgery
and a little bit of luck infer
it’s a branch
goodbye that it’s not miss bring the
cycle finishers
I notice personally that
when you cheer then it helps a lot
especially the beer down bottom on my
neckline it’s very thick yeah you know
and it’s hard for me to get a brochure
or combing through what are you doing
for caring for your beauty blow drying a
tureen no I do beard oil after I shower
and when I need to look fancy I put in
bierbaum oh hello hello ladies I think
you look fancy right now oh thank you
surprised that’s not beer brand I’m
putting on your face use for for by sees
that InFocus sea salt spray so you say
doesn’t really do anything to his beard
will they try to make him look at the
pricing fancy and try to get all this
kind of wave and stuff out right now by
using spray
with his hair too
smell so nice
salty and seductive
I fail to see that this wave has gone
yeah you see how the wave is all gone
looks great man yeah thanks so much
thank you
from the dapper dan barber shop it says
thank you and junkies Thank You TJ says
thing you say adios me man go see you
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