Should I Buy Executive Condo in Leng Kee Singapore?

Executive condominiums (EC) could be your ticket to owning luxurious real estate without breaking the bank. Created by private developers with quality facilities and available at subsidised prices, ECs come complete with CPF housing grants to make owning one more accessible than ever before.

ECs remain public property for five years before becoming fully privatised after 10 years and can be sold by anyone, without restrictions or eligibility requirements. Learn more about eligibility conditions and ownership restrictions.

1. Lower Upfront Costs

Affordability is often an overarching concern when purchasing real estate, particularly luxury condos. There are ways to reduce upfront costs associated with this property type by working with a mortgage broker to determine whether you can afford your dream condo purchase.

An additional way to reduce upfront costs is making a larger downpayment. Most ECs require at least 25% downpayment from you in either cash or CPF savings – this will help avoid higher mortgage interest rates and save on stamp duty costs.

Additionally, ECs tend to be cheaper than private condos while offering good potential for capital appreciation, making them an appealing investment option for many buyers. Furthermore, their prime locations allow easy access to shopping malls, schools and parks, saving on transportation costs while offering you a comfortable lifestyle experience.

2. Amenities

Though they might not match up to the luxury of private condos, ECs still offer amenities and services to promote a comfortable and convenient lifestyle for their residents. Most often these facilities include swimming pools, multi-purpose function rooms, BBQ pits, playgrounds and well-maintained communal areas that meet resident’s specific needs ensuring maximum satisfaction in living spaces.

Government subsidies help make ECs much less expensive than private condominiums during development, making them an excellent option for first time homebuyers or sandwich class individuals who cannot afford private condominiums.

Before purchasing an EC, it is essential that you meet its eligibility conditions. These include meeting both MOP and income ceiling requirements which tend to be slightly more lax than HDB flats but stricter than private properties. Furthermore, owners of ECs must abide by a 5-year MOP before selling or renting them out.

3. Potential for Appreciation

If you want all the amenities and lifestyle benefits of living in a private condo without its sky-high prices, an executive condominium might be perfect. Offering a mid-ground between HDB flats and private condos, executive condos have become increasingly popular with those unable to purchase new suburban condos but earning enough to meet income thresholds for an HDB flat. But before making this decision, it’s essential that you understand how much salary must be earned as well as any available CPF housing grants for executive condominiums.

ECs are treated as public housing for the first 10 years, meaning that only Singapore citizens and permanent residents are eligible to buy them. After this period, ECs can become fully privatised and be sold to a wider group of buyers including foreigners – offering greater price appreciation potential and increasing chances of rental income generation. Furthermore, an reputable developer or location often draws many prospective tenants which increases your chance of rental income yielding success.

4. Convenience

As an affordable hybrid between public and private housing, Executive Condominiums (ECs) serve as an accessible middle ground between HDB flats and private condos. ECs are particularly sought-after among members of Singapore’s “sandwich class”, who earn above the income ceiling but cannot afford the price tags associated with condominiums.

ECs offer new buyers lower upfront costs and more lifestyle convenience, along with potential for greater capital appreciation in a market where many private properties suffer value erosion.

Before purchasing an electric car (EC), it’s essential to carefully consider your options and weigh your choices carefully. Keep your budget, personal preferences and resale market potential all in mind when making your choice; thorough research can help you find one that’s tailored precisely to fit into your lifestyle needs.