Digital Sanitizer Wipe Dispensers

Unlike traditional hand sanitizers, digital sanitizer wipe dispensers display your advertisement in high resolution. They are located in a heavily trafficked area of the store, in front of thousands of customers each day. This means you can change your ad as often as you wish. You can also choose a message that is appropriate for your business. Here are three options:

Touchless hand sanitizer

The Touchless Digital Hand Sanitizer Dispenser can be mounted in a high-traffic area, and it contains a generous 1000ml of sanitizer. The dispenser also has a battery life of 25K cycles and is powered by four C batteries. The Touchless sanitizer comes with a gallon of All Good Unscented Hand Sanitizer Gel, which you can purchase separately.

The next generation Touchless digital hand sanitizer terminal combines touchless technology and digital signage to provide safety functionality for visitors and employees. Unlike traditional hand sanitizer dispensers, these units are available with face recognition technology and can be installed anywhere in a business or public place. This next-generation hand sanitizer offers flexibility and aesthetics, and is a great long-term investment.

Touchless digital hand sanitizer dispensers are convenient and efficient, helping to promote hygienic hand hygiene practices and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. These dispensers are easy to install, easy to use, and offer a convenient way to maintain a clean work environment. They are also ideal for preventing cross-contamination. This technology is especially helpful in public places where people touch and talk to each other.

Induction spray sterilizer

The induction spray sterilizer is a powerful hand sanitizer that uses a combination of digital circuit control and infrared induction to kill bacteria. Its stability and anti-interference ability make it perfect for use with all kinds of liquid. Its technology uses the infrared rays of infrared light to sterilize all types of liquid, including water, food, and cleaning solutions.

The device is designed to stand vertically and has special fluid level indicators. They automatically send notifications when the dispensers are low and eliminate the need for in-person inspections. They are also portable and can be wall mounted or placed on a stand for convenient mobility. A built-in 2000mAh battery provides enough power for a single use and is USB-rechargeable. It’s also safe to store in the kitchen and is great for travel.

The Induction hand sanitizer uses infrared technology to apply disinfectant substances without direct contact. It is useful in places where employees are frequently in contact with the food and may have contaminated hands. The Induction spray sterilizer also has the benefit of disinfecting hands and upper arms. Its ultra-low energy consumption and error-free operation make it an excellent choice for commercial environments. The machine is also lightweight, with a sleek and slim streamline design.

Infrared automatic liquid sterilizer

A floor-standing infrared automatic liquid sterilizer and soap dispenser station can be used in a variety of applications. Its design allows it to stand over 3.5 feet high, while its infrared sensor provides fast, precise temperature measurement and superior environmental adaptability. This device is also equipped with a large capacity disinfectant reservoir of 1,000 mL, which inhibits 99.99% of bacteria.

InLighten Clean Hand Sanitizer + Digital Signage Station

The InLighten Clean Hand Sanitizer & Digital Signage Station is a touchless, easy-to-deploy digital sign station that combines an educational health message with a hands-free sanitizer. The combination of the two devices generates greater health awareness and compliance with health regulations, as well as improved hand hygiene. The kiosk can be mounted on a wall, stand alone, or placed in a public place.

The company’s iVIEW Clean Hand Sanitizer Station has been named one of the “Hot Products” for 2020 by Religious Product News, and was recently updated to reflect the recent coronavirus pandemic. The kiosk can be used for ADA signage and interior ADA signs. Customers can choose between a 17-inch kiosk and a 12-inch kiosk. The digital signage kiosk is available in black and white, and comes in either a 12 or 17-inch model.