A Bouncy Castle for My Daughter

When my daughter asked me if she could have a bouncy castle at her birthday party, I told her I would check on it. I honestly did not think I would be able to afford one, but I did not want to disappoint her just yet. I checked because I was going to be honest with her either way, and I was really surprised at not only the prices but also the different ones that were available for her party. I knew as soon as I saw the prices that I was going to get her one for her party.

She is having a princess themed party, so I knew the princess bouncy castle was going to be perfect for her and her firends. It is bigger than the standard ones, and up to ten kids are able to fit into it at any one time. She invited nearly 30 to her party, plus there would be family and neighbors there too. I knew that an adult would have to monitor it at all times because kids get so excited that they might all try to fit into the bouncy castle at the same time!

The castle is pink and has a slide as well as a ball pit. It is quite large, and I was just as excited about it as my daughter. When the big day came, it was definitely the hit of the party. She spent so much time in there with her friends, and we ended up renting it beyond the typical rental period. The people who set it up and took it down were quick and friendly, and I have a feeling I am going to end up renting the boy’s castle for my son when his birthday comes around in a few months. I am already looking forward to it.