Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – Machina of Destruction Whale Clear! Aigaion VS Fryevia!
We venture into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius's Robot Trial in order to see if we can clear this monster fast with our whale team! Freyvia and the gang prove too powerful for the oil guzzling Aigaion! Aileen can be replaced by Zargabaath or just another Discover A Lot More
A Big Whale Rescued by Cargo Ship’s Crew
All thanks to the crew of a ship "sheikh mokrani" who saved a large whale after accidently caught in fishing net on 19 april 2017 one of the crew members even jumped into the sea from the deck of the ship to help his fellow seafarer who was already Discover A Lot More
Whale Watching Boat Crashing Into San Diego Dock
Amazing video taken on 3/31/2016 by our Belgian friends. For licensing contact: Video recorded by JLG and JLG gave Steve Holden permission to post this video to Discover A Lot More