KICK ‘EM IN THE FACE – Miguel : Online Ranked – Tekken 7
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Tekken 7 Rev Major – Knee (Steve / Bryan) vs Take (Kazumi) (Loosers Finals PS4)
Tekken 7 World Tour - Knee (Steve / Bryan) vs Take (Kazumi) (Loosers Finals @ Rev Major PS4) INSANE BEST OF 5. Credits to Rev Major (, Bandai Namco`s official Tekken Stream (, Tasty Steve and Discover A Lot More
Gods Collide! Rev Major 2017 Grand Final FENG (KNEE) vs DRAGUNOV (JDCR) Tekken World Tour 2017
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2017/03/16 Tekken 7 FR Rank Match! Knee (Bryan) vs Secret (Josie)
Knee (Bryan) vs Secret (Josie) 프로게이머 '무릎'의 철권 7 FR 플레이 영상 입니다. 아프리카TV 방송국: 유튜브 채널: This is Progamer Knee's Video that Discover A Lot More