Atlus Games attempts DMCA strike on PS3 Emulator Patreon page
Recently Atlus Games, the developers of the popular Playstation game series Persona filed a failed DMCA strike against RPCS3, a PS3 Emulator and their Patreon page claiming the emulator's provided documentation showed people how to bypass their DRM. Discover A Lot More
Sudden Strike 4 – Livestream deutsche Kampagne Teil 3 [deutsch]
Wir spielen die deutsche Kampagne weiter. Mission: Schlacht um Stalingrad und die folgende. Trinkgeld: Zu Twitch: Zum Discord: Panzermodelle Discover A Lot More
[FR] Sudden Strike 4 – Campagne Allemande 1
Un premier épisode de campagne qui fait toujours office de didacticiel. Nous nous lançons à l'assaut de la France avec la fameuse blitzgrieg. Infos concernant la chaine : Twitter : Tipee : Boite Discover A Lot More
Sudden Strike 4 ► Дорога жизни ► СССР ►№1 (16+)
Продолжение культовой стратегии про вторую мировую войну Sudden Strike 4. Данное видео рекомендуется для просмотра лицам старше 16 лет.(16+). ► Discover A Lot More
Waste piles up in city amid bin strike – BBC News
Bags of rubbish are piling up in the streets of Birmingham as bin collectors are on strike. Hundreds of thousands of people are affected and collections have been disrupted for weeks. This pile of waste was outside Abbas Hussain's estate agents Discover A Lot More