CHASE GETS STITCHES!! Emergency Room Visit / Crash Board Game & More (FUNnel Vision Vlog)
Chase & Dad were running around the house this past week playing and Chase wasn't paying attention where he was going and ran right into our countertop cabinets. It was really scary because he fell so hard to the floor and started screaming, then Discover A Lot More
Artist’s Crash Course: Booklet Printing in InDesign
There are a lot of artists out there that make good money at conventions selling sketchbooks and minicomics printed from their desktop printers. All it takes is Letter-sized sheets of paper and a stapler. The trick is organizing the pages so they Discover A Lot More
Life with Dusty – EP. 92 – ” Snow CRASH Camera ! “
Dusty his brother and his nephews go on a Snow adventure to sled on a nearby kids hill, we have a bunch of fun and we Crash into the Camera and almost break it ! Thanks so much for watching PLEASE SUBSCRIBE SHARE and have GREAT DAY! MY GEAR : MY Discover A Lot More
Sound: Crash Course Physics #18
Get Your Crash Course Physics Mug here: We learn a lot about our surroundings thanks to sound. But... what is it exactly? Sound, that is. What is sound? And how does it travel? And what is Discover A Lot More